Friday, February 25, 2022

Indiana Ivy in Annie's Two Color Quilts book

I'm so excited to share this quilt with you!   As a designer, when forced to define my style, I say that I'm modern-traditional (I really dislike labels - but that's another story for another day) and am always quick to say that somedays I'm a little more traditional and somedays a little more modern.

Well Indiana Ivy was designed as one of those "more traditional" quilts.  

The pattern for Indiana Ivy is in Annie's new Two Color Quilts book which features 8 amazing designs that use just two colors. 

Here's a direct link to purchase the book. 

There are so many traditional elements to this quilt.  The continuous chain that runs from edge to edge.  The big double variable star blocks.  And then the fabrics.  Nothing is more traditional that Poison Green!  If I didn't know better, this quilt could blend right into my collection of vintage quilts.  

Special credit to Windham Fabrics and The Warm Company for supplying product for these quilts. 

Annie's Two Color Quilts book has 8 inspiring designs all based on two colors - in this case - blue and white.  I do have a second design in the book, Beacon in the Night, and you can read about it here.  

From confident beginner to intermediate, the is a pattern sure to please everyone.    To make it easy for you to purchase, here's the direct link to Annie's website. 

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