Friday, May 29, 2020

Let's Be Real Studio Tour

I'm so excited to be part of the Let's Be Real Studio Tour today... kick back, relax and enjoy as I show you around my studio!

I hope you enjoyed my tour and be sure to check out all the other designers partcipating in the Let's Be Real Studio Tour! 

Terry Atkinson

Gudrun Erla

Annie Unrein

Bonnie Hunter

Celine Perkins

Deanne Eisenman

Debby Ritenbaugh Brown

Helen Stubbings

Kathy Southern

Katy Cameron

Lee Chappell Monroe

Lynn Carson Harris

Pat A Sloan

Shari Butler

Shelley Lynne Pederson Robson

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Scott Hansen

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Who doesn't love a sale?

I'm running a 25% off sale on all my DVD's in my Etsy shop now through June 1, 2020. 

If you have been wanting to learn some new skills, now is your opportunity!  

Each of these DVD's are marked down 25% and include free shipping.  There is only a limited number available, so don't miss out. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Starry Sky - New Fabric, New Look

For today's New Fabric, New Look pattern I'm re-imaging my Starry Sky pattern.  This pattern is one of my favorites (aren't they all!) and I've made it in two different colorways.   Starry Sky is available as print version in my Etsy shop.  (Digital will be coming soon!) 

First is the dark background version which mimics the night sky with shimmery stars. 

After I made the first quilt, I wanted to remake it as a competition quilt but with a white background where I could put all sorts of fancy custom quilting.  Thus the Aqua & White version was created. 

For the re-image, I used Hope Johnson's brand spanking new Dusk til Dawn collection for Cotton + Steel fabrics.  It will be shipping to stores in June 2020, so be sure to ask your favorite quilt shop to carry it. 

I'm super excited share Hope's collection with everyone.  Hope and I met a few years at a surface pattern design retreat and became insta-friends.  You see more of her work at

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sunburst Strips & Squares - New Fabric, New Look

In honor of Spring Quilt Market that would have been held in-person this week, I'm sharing one of my patterns each day that I have re-imaged into a newly released fabric. 

Today I'm re-imaging my popular Sunburst Strips & Squares pattern with Bonnie Christine's new Her & History Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.   Bonnie's soft palette and romantic style gives this pattern an entirely new look! 

If you aren't familiar with Sunburst Strips & Squares, I've made it in numerous colorways.  And if you are crushing on this precut 2-1/2" strip friendly pattern as much as I do, it is available in both print and digital versions in my Etsy Shop. 

As you can see, the fabric selection completely changes the look of the quilt! 

This is the autumnal version which I do have a few kits available in my Etsy shop.  They are value prices with free shipping.  I'd love to find them new homes since I don't have any shows scheduled this year. 

This version was made with a Moda jelly roll of Pat Sloan's Bits & Bobbins collection paired with a mint solid. 

And finally, the cover quilt which was made using Timeless Treasure's fabrics. 

Tomorrow I will have another one of my patterns re-imaged with a different fabric collection.  You won't want to miss that one! 
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Monday, May 11, 2020

Black & White Express - New Fabrics, New Look

In honor of Spring Quilt Market that was originally scheduled for this week, I'm sharing several of my quilt patterns reimaged in new release fabrics from some of my favorite designers.  For more about Spring Quilt Market's transition from a Live to Virtual event, catch my prior post

I'm starting the week with my Black & White Express quilt that is a great pattern to showcase mid-scale prints.  This is a true beginner friendly pattern with minimal piecing and no matching points.  Black & White Express is available as both a print and digital pattern in my Etsy shop. 

The original version was made in stunning black, red and asorted gray prints for a very contemporary look. 

The second version of this quilt was made using Island Batik fabrics for a more colorful and playful look. 

And now to really show the pattern's versatility, I have re-imaged it in Tracey Wirth's new Peace and Love Collection that starts shipping this summer. Be sure to sign up on her website to get all the release details!  

Don't you just love this collection and how much the pattern showcases the fabrics?  And the fabric showcases the pattern?  I used both the yellow and green versions of the collection together for an extra pop of color. 

Tomorrow I will have another one of my patterns re-imaged with a different fabric collection.  You won't want to miss that one! 
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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Spring Quilt Market -- Transitioning from Live to Virtual

As I look at my calendar for today, I had planned on starting to pack my vehicle for the drive later in the week to Pittsburgh PA for Spring Quilt Market.  This would have been my first market as a vendor.  That's a huge thing for a small business like mine.  

In March I learned that Spring Quilt Market was cancelled for this year.  And the pivoting began.  It's been a whirlwind 8 weeks of zoom meetings and working virtually.  Working harder than I've worked in a long time.  Readjusting schedules, selling stash fabric on Etsy to make up for lost income, pivoting and pivoting hard. 

But not all of my pre-Market work has been lost.  The inperson event that was scheduled for May 15-18 has been replaced by a Virtual Quilt Market that is scheduled for June 2-4.   I'm excited about the opportunites a virtual market offers.  For many shop owners who aren't able to attend the in-person event, the virtual market gives them a chance to participate.  Yes, I'm going to miss seeing all my fellow designers and industry professionals but I'll get to see them virtually instead. 

The Virtual Quilt Market is being put together quickly and the website is still under development. If you are interested in attending, be sure to join their mailing list. 

If you are a quilt shop owner, I invite you to join my Masterpiece Quilting Wholesale Group.  In this group, I'm sharing my latest patterns, upcoming releases, pattern bundles and other wholesale options.  

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Inventory Update - My Etsy Shop

To help those who are making masks, I have been cutting my fabric stash into fat quarters and selling them in bundles in my Etsy shop.  It's amazing how liberating it is to clear so much of my stash!  And of course, you don't have to make masks from them - you can add them to your stash too! 

Solids are quite popular and I just listed this 6 fat quarter bundle of beautiful pastel solids.

By request, I've added a curated "our pick" bundle of 10 fat quarters at a value price.  You will receive 10 unique fabrics in a variety of colors!

For the men, I have this popular mix of black and brown tonals and small prints.  

Darker fabrics have been selling well and this is a new listing for dark blue and black background small print florals. 

And if you have Christmas crafting in mind already, this 12 pack is an awesome stash builder. 

All bundles come with free shipping for your convenience too.  This is just a quick sampling of available fabrics, so be sure to check my Etsy shop for other fat quarter bundles as well as DVD's, patterns and kits. 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show this week. Tonight I've got a quick demo on panels that I will be sharing.  I hope you can join me. 

Facebook Schedule
May 8 12pm ET Becky Campbell
May 8 1pm ET Tina Dillard - Quilting Affection Designs 9
May 8 2pm ET Beth Helfter - EvaPaige Quilt Designs
May 8 3pm ET Sherri Noel - Rebecca Mae Designs
May 8 4pm ET Kathleen McCormick - Kathleen McMusing
May 8 5pm ET On Williams Street - Kimie and Missy
May 8 6pm ET Andi Stanfield - True Blue Quilts
May 8 7pm ET Nancy Scott - Masterpiece Quilting
May 8 8pm ET Lisa Ruble

Instagram Schedule
May 8 12:30pm ET IG Becky Campbell         
May 8  1:30pm ET IG  Tina Dillard - Quilting Affection Designs 
May 8   2:30pm ET IG Beth Helfter - EvaPaige Quilt Designs 
May 8   3:30pm ET IG Sherri Noel - Rebecca Mae Designs  
May 8   4:30pm ET IG Kathleen McCormick - Kathleen McMusing 
May 8   5:30pm ET IG On Williams Street - Kimie and Missy 
May 8  6:30pm ET IG  Andi Stanfield - True Blue Quilts 
May 8   7:30pm ET IG Nancy Scott - Masterpiece Quilting  
May 8    8:30pm ET IG Lisa Ruble 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Feeling Sad Again ... Topeka Quilt Show & Sale Cancelled

Lately, I feel like a yo-yo.  Sad, Happy, Sadder, Happier, Kinda Sad, Kinda Happy, Sad and then maybe Happy again.    

I'm familiar with these emotions as a small business owner but lately the yo-yo has been a lot more pronounced. 

Another of my favorite events has cancelled - The Topeka Quilt Show & Sale.

This quaint little show and sale has traditionally been held at the same time as the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in an old school house that had been converted to a church. Since the locations were about 10 miles apart they were the perfect compliment for each other.   

I loved being able to sell my extra kits, books, antique quilts, and no longer needed class samples at their event.   It helped me lighten my load and was another income stream for my business. 

What makes the cancellation even more bittersweet was that this was going to be the last year for the hosting church to have this event! 

In the cancellation announcement, the chairwoman shared that "this is not the way we wanted it to end".  And it's definitely not the way I would want it to end too!    Hopefully they will be able to find someone to take it over and keep the tradition going.