Thursday, February 24, 2022

Beacon in the Night - Annie's Two Color Quilts

I'm pleased to share another of my designs that has been published in Annie's new Two Color Quilts book.  Beacon in the Night is a super fun and easy to make quilt that provides an optical illusion of lanterns in the distance at night.  

To purchase your copy of Two Color Quilts here is a direct link

So, I know you are wondering ... how is the optical illustion created? 

The key is the fabric selection.  By carefully selecting fabrics that gradate from white to dark, it creates an optical illustion within each block.  By changing the pattern on the fabrics - solid, dot, stripe, etc. it further reinforced the gradation. 

To make the illusion appear more realistic, I designed rectangular blocks instead of square blocks!  This makes each block appear more "lantern-ish".  This is truly a magical quilt. 

Annie's Two Color Quilts book has 8 inspiring designs all based on two colors - in this case - blue and white.  I do have a second design in the book, Indiana Ivy, but more about it another day.  

From confident beginner to intermediate, the is a pattern sure to please everyone.    To make it easy for you to purchase, here's the direct link to Annie's website. 

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