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Welcome! I'm Nancy Scott and I own Masterpiece Quilting LLC.

I’m an author, designer and teacher who loves being crafty.  

Growing up in a family of “makers”, I’m a proud Do-It-Yourself / Make-It-Yourself enthusiast. My current favorites include sewing & quilting, refinishing antiques, chalk-painting and photography. 

Here is my Grandma Scott & I in our matching Easter dresses.  I learned to quilt, sew and crochet from her.  And yes, I was better at crochet at age 10 than I am today! 

In 2006, I changed careers from the academia / corporate world and started Masterpiece Quilting LLC where I was a sales representative and certified trainer for Gammill / Statler.  My business evolved to specialize in long-arm quilting, show quilts and custom-made memory quilts.  

In 2012, I submitted my first design to a magazine for publication.  It was accepted and my calling was found that day and my business continued to evolve.  Since then I have sold over 200 designs to publications and fabric companies. I’ve established myself as a leading author and instructor for creating with sentimental textiles with my top-selling book “T-shirts, Memories & More” along with DVD’s on T-shirt quilting and Restyling Vintage Quilts. 
As a farm kid, I was involved in 4-H and FFA and I did a lot of public speaking and demonstration competitions.  These skills have carried forward to my work today including having been one of the quilting and sewing experts for Annie's Creative Studio

Through the magic of video, I can take you step-by-step through the process of making a project without either of us having to travel - which means I can teach so many more people, which is super exciting.  I have a variety of online classes available and you can read more about them here.  I love teaching online and hope you enjoy taking my classes too! 

I asked my newsletter subscribers to ask me questions.  I had fun answering them in this quick video.  Enjoy! 

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