Thursday, October 10, 2019

#SewPINK 2019

I'm super excited to be one of the bloggers for the inaugural #SewPINK2019 initiative.  My friend Annie & her business, byAnnie, is committed to raising and donating money for Breast Cancer Research.  At the bottom of this post are more details and some helpful links. 

I don't know anyone who hasn't been impacted by cancer.  It's a dreadful disease that ruins lives not only of those who have been diagnosed, but also of those who love them.   Instead of dwelling on the negative, I always try to focus on the positive and ways that we can help others who are battling cancer.  

I've been involved in making several "cancer quilts" or "chemo quilts" which are simply a quilt that has messages written on it from friends, family, co-workers and others to support the person with cancer.  While many times there isn't anything that we can physically do to help, at least we can express our support, encouragement and love. 

My Get Well Wishes Quilt was published in the Autumn 2017 issue of Quilter's World Magazine and was designed in pink to support Breast Cancer awareness.  Log Cabin blocks form the center with plenty of room in the surrounding triangles for hand-written sentiments.  (And yes, I'm wishing I had a better photo of it!) 

Another example of a sentiment quilt is one I helped my friend Jayde make for one of her college classmates who was received a cancer diagnosis while in her 20's.  Jayde handled mailing countless fabric pieces to friends who wrote the most beautiful messages and I handled the sewing and quilting.  Together in a super-short period of time, we created this amazing quilt that shared so much love and support.  

So the next time you hear of someone diagnosed with cancer, grab some fabric and some friends and make them a quilt filled with personal sentiments, love and heartfelt messages that will inspire them on the days when inspiration seems far, far away. 

Huge thanks to Annie for inviting me to be part of this blog hop and be sure to check out all the events that are part of #SewPINK 2019. 

The #SewPink Initiative was created by LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. They have pledged to raise funds to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through sales and to promote action through giveaways.

To see the calendar of events visit:

For more information please visit the official #SewPINK information page:

To donate directly to the BCRF visit:!/donation/checkout

ByAnnie will be donating 30% of profits on all SewPINK items sold at their web store. You can search for SewPINK items on their website or see the list of items here:

Find a screening program near you: