Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wednesday September 2 - Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show

Weren't yesterday's presentations amazing!  I had a meeting yesterday afternoon but I had an opportunity to catch the replays last night and I learned so much.   (Yes, go back to each designers FB page and you should be able to catch a replay there.  It's kinda like binge watching them.) 

I'm on the line-up today for 2 p.m.  I hope you join me!  It's always fun to have a LIVE audience besides the dogs :) 

We have a busy day of shows today - I'm so excited. 

Wednesday September 2nd 
12:00 PM  Teresa Weaver  
1:00 PM  Cherry Guidry  
2:00 PM  Nancy Scott 
4:00 PM  Sue Griffiths  
5:00 PM  Swan Sheridan  
6:00 PM  Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis  
7:00 PM  Bunnie Cleland  

As a tip so you don't miss anyone, go ahead and like / follow each designer's facebook page so you get a reminder notification when the LIVE presentation starts. 

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