Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Limberlost Mural in Geneva IN - Just had to share even thought it's not quilting!

So please pardon me as I share something other than quilting on the blog this morning...

As part of a regional arts initiative, our little bitty town of 1300 people in Northeast Indiana had a mural painted downtown earlier this month.   

I want to share a few photos I took last Saturday at the mural celebration. 

The scene depicts the Limberlost Nature area that surrounds the town.  Gene Stratton-Porter studied the local marshes and swamps in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  You can learn more about her at this link and the books that she wrote from her explorations.  The local Friends of the Limberlost also shares a lot of information on their Facebook page about the various wetlands and marshes that are being restored and rehabilitated. 

The red-headed woodpeckers are some of my favorite birds.  They love to hang out in the tree outside my studio window so I'm glad the muralist included them. I don't see them much in the summer but they are easy to spot in the winter against a snowy backdrop. 

The blue jays are such majestic birds.  They swoop in and swoop out of our feeder before I can ever get a photo of them.  I'm hoping to put up some type of blue jay feeder this winter but definitely one that is squirrel proof! 

My favorite - the blue Heron.  They are so elegant in flight.  I love spotting them along the river and in the wetlands.  And don't forget the turtle in the foreground! 

And we can't forget the Cardinal.  We have several pairs that feed year round.  The male is a brilliant red but the female has brown feathers. 

And last, but not least, is the Eagle.  According to the naturalists presentation, the bald eagle wasn't in this area during Gene Stratton Porter's time here, but now there are several nests in the area.  I saw my first one earlier this year and was simply in awe. 

Thanks for letting me take a break from my regular quilting posts and share a bit about my community.  Back to quilting :) 


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