Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Christmas Diamond Topper in Quilter's World Deck the Halls with Quilting

It is so much fun when quilts come back from the publisher!  It's so hard to work on projects in secret and not tell anyone about them for months - but now I can spread the news. 

Today I'm sharing my Christmas Diamond Topper that is in Quilter's World new Deck the Halls with Quilting publication. 

Link to purchase the pattern 

This paper-pieced quilted topper brings a touch of Christmas elegance to your holiday table.  

Last year I struggled with having enough Christmas-themed table toppers, so it was my mission to design more for this year.  I was specifically lacking a small square topper for our kitchen table that only seats four people.  I wanted to make sure the design was non-directional since people sit on all sides of the table. 

And YES, I do use quilts that have been published in my house, even on an everyday basis!  Please don't freak out ....  quilts are made to be loved and to be used ... they can't get much loving if they are tucked away in a drawer. 

Here is what the topper looks like on our kitchen table. 

To keep the topper nice and flat but still let the dimension and texture of the quilting show, I used Soft & Bright batting graciously provided by The Warm Company. 

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