Monday, August 9, 2021

My favorite color palette - Jewel Tones

Today I'm pulling stash fabrics for a new quilt design and the color palette is jewel tones - which just happens to be my favorite color palette.

As I was sorting through my stash fabric totes, bins and baskets, I needed a reference point as I knew I was starting to finding fabrics that didn't really fit the jewel tone category.  Since not everyone is familiar with jewel tones, I thought a quick blog post might be in order. 

I did a quick google search for jewel tones and here is what came up. These images are perfect as a guide for selecting fabrics.  

I just love these deep, rich fully saturated colors!  They are a classic group of colors that can be found in clothing, home decor as well as weddings. 

The color palette is based on these jewels - and who doesn't love some beautiful gem stones! 

When we transfer these colors to fabric, here is what it looks like. Even though all the colors read medium - dark to dark, there are still lighter shades that can be incorporated to give contrast to the collection. 

For my fabric pull, I'm laying the fabric strips over the edge of a basket so I can see how they all play well with each other.  I I want to have some contrast between them so I'm including medium, medium-dark and dark fabrics.  They will paired with white tonal as the background fabric.  I'm already seeing a few fabrics that need to be culled from the group or used sparingly. 

What is your favorite color palette?  Anyone else a lover of jewel tones?  If so, leave me a note in the comments. 

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  1. I like your basket of Jewel tones, also like Rainbow. They are very similar.