Monday, August 23, 2021

Ocean Waves Block Challenge - Sneak Peek #2

 It's time for Sneak Peek #2 of the Ocean Waves re-imagined block.  

Last week I was busy with pieces and parts and while I made some progress this week, I didn't get everything sewn together.  So here is what it looks like on my design wall. 

I've stretched the blocks gradually adding a 1/2" of length to each column and then played with the color gradations.  Light gray in the center blending to dark gray on the outer edge.  And then reversing the colors - light pink on the outer edge blending to dark pink in the center. 

And there are actually 2 blocks!  And they are mirror images of each other.   Yes, this is going to be fun when I put them all together into a quilt! Stay tuned next week to see that magic happen in the reveal :) 

I can't wait to see everyone's sneak peeks today. Be sure to follow each of the designers so you don't miss their posts during this fun challenge. 












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