Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Let's Gather Table Runner - Incredibly Beautiful Season by Season

Do you have patterns that are your "go-to" patterns when making a quilt?  You know, the patterns that assemble easily and always produce stunning results regardless of what fabrics you use? 

Let's Gather is my go-to pattern for table runners and I want to share with you how incredibly beautiful the Let's Gather runners are for each season. 

Recently I shared my Let's Gather Table Runner in a spring colorway and it is getting so many positive comments and sales of the pattern and kits.  Thank you to each of you who are liking, loving, sharing, commenting and purchasing.   In case you missed it, here is a link to the blog post. 

I made the spring version of Let's Gather using Solid-ish Watercolor Texture fabrics by Kimberly Einmo for Timeless Treasures fabrics.  I love the deeply saturated colors that are oh, so, springy. 

I do have kits of the Spring colorway available (see link below) and each kit includes all the fabric needed to make the runner top + binding, print pattern and shipping is included.  

Kit to make Let's Gather Spring colorway

And if you just want to purchase the pattern, here are links to the print and pdf digital download versions. 

Let's Gather Spring - Print Pattern (shipping included)

Let's Gather Spring - PDF Pattern

I'm not sure which I like better between the Fall and Christmas versions of Let's Gather.  Both of them are super adorable and a great way to set your table for the season. 

Here is the traditional red, green and gold version of Let's Gather set formally for a Christmas photoshoot. 

Here it is again on our dining room table in a less formal setting. 

The Fall version of Let's Gather gets the most use in our house.  It normally comes out in August and is in use through Thanksgiving.   You can tell by looking at it that it has been washed a few time since it is starting to pucker up a bit which gives it a nice vintage look.  

I do have a kits available for the Fall version of Let's Gather so you can get a jump start on your fall decor.  A table runner makes a great housewarming gift too, so get two kits and make one for yourself and one to gift. 

If you have been looking closely, the color placement between the Spring version and the "original" version that I used to make the Fall / Christmas runners is different.  I have different patterns available for the "original" version.  

Let's Gather "Original" Print Pattern (Shipping Included)

What's next for Let's Gather?  

I'm thinking a patriotic red, white and blue version.  I just got a few bolts of Michael Miller fabrics that would be perfect and kits would be available. 

Or maybe a blue and white version for a "winter" look?   

Or maybe soft muted decorator colors?  

I'd love to know what version you would like to see.  Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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  1. I love Civil War reproduction fabrics and use those fabrics when I can around my home. Do you like the fabrics from that era?