Monday, March 22, 2021

Rail Fence Block Challenge 2021 - Sneak Peek #2

Welcome back to the Rail Fence Block Challenge!  If you are catching this post for the first time and aren't exactly sure what I'm talking about, there are two other posts that preceed it.   First is my Fabric Pull post where I share the fabrics that I'm using to make my Rail Fence Reimagined quilt.  Second is the Sneak Peek #1 post where I show making the traditional rail fence block. 

Here is Sneak Peek #2 of my block where I have done some slicing and added a sashing strip between half-blocks.  

In order to get this slicing and reassembly technique to work, you have to slice half of your blocks on direction and the other half of the blocks the opposite direction.  Then you can mix and match and sew them back together with a sashing strip in between. 

I know it is hard to cut up something that you just worked so hard to make.  But after the first cut or two, it isn't so bad and the excitement of creating something totally brand new takes over and then it's really easy to cut the block in half. 

If you want to join in making a quilt using the same fabric colorwary that I'm using, here are links to the precuts and yardage in my Etsy shop. 

Precut 2-1/2" strips

2-1/2 yards beige tonal yardage

The fun of a challenge like this is to see what everyone is doing.  Here is the list of Instagram handles of the participating designers.  Each of us are sharing the second sneak peek of our blocks today - Monday March 22nd.  

















You can also follow along with the challenge using these hashtags.











Next week will be the FINAL REVEAL! and if everything goes as planned I will be sharing the completed quilt with you.  I think it is going to be so cool.  It's hard not to share anything in advance, but we have to wait :)  

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