Friday, May 15, 2020

Starry Sky - New Fabric, New Look

For today's New Fabric, New Look pattern I'm re-imaging my Starry Sky pattern.  This pattern is one of my favorites (aren't they all!) and I've made it in two different colorways.   Starry Sky is available as print version in my Etsy shop.  (Digital will be coming soon!) 

First is the dark background version which mimics the night sky with shimmery stars. 

After I made the first quilt, I wanted to remake it as a competition quilt but with a white background where I could put all sorts of fancy custom quilting.  Thus the Aqua & White version was created. 

For the re-image, I used Hope Johnson's brand spanking new Dusk til Dawn collection for Cotton + Steel fabrics.  It will be shipping to stores in June 2020, so be sure to ask your favorite quilt shop to carry it. 

I'm super excited share Hope's collection with everyone.  Hope and I met a few years at a surface pattern design retreat and became insta-friends.  You see more of her work at

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