Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Starry Sky

In the process of publishing a quilt pattern, I often get so excited (and relieved) that it is finished that I forget to share the story about it.

Starry Sky maybe my favorite design - I know we shouldn't have favorites but it was the first design that I knew I wasn't submitting to a magazine. I was keeping it all for myself! 

I love blues & whites and stars & chains and this quilt has them all. 

I used batik fabrics to piece the first version of the quilt because of the deep saturation of colors. And with the name Starry Sky, the quilt really needed to hold up it's namesake, those deep rich dark blues found in the night sky and the bright twinkling of stars.  Because the fabrics were so strong, I chose to quilt an edge-to-edge pattern across it so the quilting didn't complete with the fabrics or the piecing.  

I was so in love this pattern that I made a second version but I changed out the colors and used white for the background but kept the same dark, medium and light placement in the aqua fabrics for the chain and stars.  This yields a more formal quilt with an old-fashioned look.   I custom quilted this version to really accentuate the stars and chains. 

I enjoy working with oversized blocks which gives a dramatic look without have to work with lots of little bitty pieces!  I also like borderless quilts which allows your eye to extend beyond the edges of the quilt - just like the night sky keeps extending beyond our view! 

And for some fun!  It never fails that as soon as I try to take photos of quilts, the wind starts to blow!  There can be NO WIND for days, not even the slightest breeze, but break out a quilt and a camera and it starts gusting.  This is one of my favorite photos of both quilts at the Ceylon Bridge near Geneva, IN. 

The pattern for Starry Sky is available for pdf download on Craftsy. I would love to see your version of Starry Sky. Feel free to post a photo on my Masterpiece Quilting Facebook Page. 

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