Tuesday, January 16, 2018

O, Christmas Tree & Charming Pincushions Published in Annie's Pincushions & More book

Sometimes we do things that might just be a little bit outside of our usual comfort zone ... like designing pincushions! While quilts are my usual things... I gave a try at designing pincushions and I was really please with my results!

I use a pincushion or two or three everyday .... I literally have them scattered all over my studio so no matter where I'm at, there is a pincushion nearby.  
Is your sewing area like that too? 

If you typically buy your pincushions, have you thought about making your own?  In Annie's latest book, Pincushions & More you will be totally amazed by all the beautiful, unique and creative pincushion patterns that are in it.    I want to make them all!  

I designed two of the pincushion patterns that are published in this book.  First is my Charming Pincushion that is make with 5" precut squares.  It's a perfect way to coordinate your pincushion with one of your quilts by using leftover fabric!  This particular pincushion is make with Artisan Spirit Shimmer fabric from Northcott Fabrics.  It's nice and large and I like to put different types of pins in each of the sections so it is super easy for me to reach just the right type of pin I want without having to sort thru all the pins.  

Next is my O, Christmas Tree pincushion that is a stash friendly pincushion perfect for decorating the studio at the Holidays!  I really like its vertical height.  It stands tall and doesn't get buried behind the fabric on my cutting table.  I'm sure your cutting table isn't chaotic, like mine! I like it so well, it probably isn't getting put away with the Christmas décor but will be left out all year. 

Pincushions & More can be purchased using my affiliate link.  I know you won't stop after making just one pincushion!  

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