Monday, October 17, 2022

Clay's Choice Block ReMix Challenge - Sneak Peek #2

It's time for Sneak Peek #2 of my Clay's Choice Block.   

I am really like some parts of the version that I came up with last week for Sneak Peek #1.  If you missed it, here is the link.  However those elongated star blades ....  they just weren't doing anything for me so I knew I needed to re-mix them.  

Lately, I've been in a design kick about rectangle blocks.  They aren't any more difficult to make than square blocks and they add a fun design element to the quilt.  So my first step was to resize the block into a rectangle.  I liked the overall look but I knew immediately that those elongated stars were just a bit too much!

My next step was to tame down those star points.  I wanted to keep as much symmetry as possible in the center section, so I made them smaller and really liked that option.  Now there is greater balance between the oversized corner squares and the center of the block. 

I also like to go ahead and do a quilt layout as I'm designing just to see what secondary pattern emerge and this one turned out really cool - but you will have to wait til next week's reveal to see it! 

I truly love the opportunity to play and experiment with different blocks as part of the REMIX challenge.  Each month we independently re-design the same block and it's always fun to see how each designer interprets the challenge. 

On Mondays, the participating designers share about the challenge on their Instagram feeds.  Some of us are adding other social media too.   If you don't already follow me on Instagram, I'm @masterpiecequilting 

Here is the list of Instagram handles of the participating designers. 
















An easy way to find the posts is using the following hashtags.  Just type them into the search box and the posts will show up. 














I can't wait to see what everyone is sharing this week and I hope that you will take a look too! Be sure to follow each of the designers so you don't miss their posts during this fun challenge.

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