Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Old School Block of the Month -

On the 12th of each month, the tutorial for the Old School Block of the Month is released.  I'm running a few days behind getting my block made and shared but that's okay.   This block is super fun and really easy to make too - so if you are running behind, it won't take long and you will be caught up! 

There is nothing more "old school" than a bear paw block but this one has a unique special twist.    

Katy Cameron of The Littlest Thistle is the designer for this month and her instructions will expertly guide you as you make her "Walk in my Footsteps" block, even if this is your first experience with a bear paw block. 

Direct Link to Katy's blog post

Here is my finished block. 

I'm sticking with my same blue and pink colorway so this block will fit in perfectly with the rest of the blocks.   If you want to take a quick look at all of my blocks, here is a video of them. 

If you are finding this blog post for the first time and want to join the Old School Block of the Month, we would love to have you!   

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