Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Love Cake Like I Do? This block will make you hungry!

This month's prompt for Quilt Block Mania is Food!  

One of my favorite foods is cake and how about a Cake Quilt Block pattern to celebrate that theme.

Think of it as Cake with No Calories!  I like that idea :) 

The pattern for my Cake Quilt Block is available for free using the link below. 

I'd love to see the version you make.  Be sure to share on social media using #cakequiltblock and #masterpiecequilting 

An entire group of designers have been working with this same theme and here is a sampling of the blocks they have made!  Aren't they gorgeous? 

Below are the links to each of the blocks.  If you weren't hungry before you started looking at them, you will be by the time you get finished! 

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  1. this is pretty. i love the idea of cake without calories. lol

  2. Your cake block almost looks like my wedding cake (minus the bride and groom topper). That white-tone-on-tone is perfect for the woven look of the frosting base.

    1. Thank you! I was digging hard thru my stash to find a tonal that had a realistic frosting look :)