Monday, January 20, 2020

What I'm reading in 2020

I like to read.  I really do.  I just never seem to find time to read so in 2020, I'm planning on reading more.  I'm even putting it in my schedule to read a book per month. 

I'm an old fashioned reader.  I prefer a book in my hands.  

I've tried audio books and I just don't focus well.  My mind is off thinking about 800 other things and the book just becomes background noise.  Or I get so focused on the book then everything else becomes a blur - which isn't good when driving!

I've tried tablets and such and I struggle.  My eyes don't follow a line well.  My eye doctor has a fancy term for it and my glasses help me compensate for it.  Remember the kid in elementary school who had to use a ruler under each line or their finger to follow the words?  Yep, that was me.  And reading out loud ...  I started on one line and ended on the next one down ...  

Anyway, here are some titles that are on my 2020 read list. 

Austin Kleon's three books - Steal Like An Artist,  Keep Going and Show Your Work. Obviously, they are on my nightstand right now :) 
I started with them in this order and need to re-read each one again.  

Another perennial favorite of mine is A Whack on the Side of the Head, by Roger von Oech.   I re-read this book about every 18 - 24 months and I'm always gathering something new from it.   It was published over 25 years ago and it's lessons still hold true today.  

The Launch, by Jeff Walker, has been on my list for over a year.  I need to just buy it and read it ... and stop with the procrastinating! 

As you can tell, I'm pretty much a non-fiction person who loves to read about business strategies and self-improvement.  

But I love to read cookbooks too as I'm always searching for new cookie recipes especially ones with chocolate!  

What's on your read list for 2020? 

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