Monday, May 2, 2022

Arkansas Snowflake Block ReMix Challenge - Fabric Pull

We are kicking off a new month which means a new block for the Block ReMix Challenge.  This month the designers are working with the Arkansas Snowflake block.  

I'm gonna be totally honest here, I did not recognize the name of the block.  When I read it nothing ... absolutely nothing ... came to mind.  So with the help of Mr. Google and a quick search I discovered that I was already familiar with the block, but I just didn't know it's proper name!  Please tell me, I'm not the only one that happens too.  

Even though it is May, I'm already starting to think fall ... because it will probably take me all summer to get some fall quilts made ... so I grabbed a bundle of fall / autumn fat quarters for this month's fabric pull.  

If your fall fabric stash is looking a bit low, I can help you out.  I have several fat quarter bundles available in my Etsy shop.   

12 Fat Quarter Bundle of Fall / Autumn Fabrics

I truly love the opportunity to play and experiment with different blocks as part of the REMIX challenge.  The fun begins as I start to re-work this block.  Be sure to stay tuned for Sneak Peek #1 next week. 

Each Monday, the participating designers are sharing about the challenge on their Instagram feeds.  Some of us are adding other social media too.   If you don't already follow me on Instagram, I'm @masterpiecequilting 

Here is the list of Instagram handles of the participating designers.  Each of us are sharing our fabric pull and / or color scheme this week.   









An easy way to find the posts is using the following hashtags.  Just type them into the search box and the posts will show up. 













I can't wait to see what everyone is selecting for their fabrics and I hope that you will take a look too! Be sure to follow each of the designers so you don't miss their posts during this fun challenge.

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