Sunday, August 16, 2020

Fall Decorating - Tables and More

We had a family gathering yesterday so I broke out the Fall decor for our house.  I tried to keep it fairly simple and light since it will be around for several months.  I typically don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving so I'll be using this color palette for the next 3 months. 

We have two large dining tables and I try to style them similarly but not identical since they are in different rooms.  

Even though we live in a really small town, we have an amazing florist.  I showed up bright and early on Saturday morning with my "vases" and she hooked me up with some beautiful greenery and blooms that I could add to with flowers from my garden. 

On this table, I used my Let's Gather table runner.  It's an easy pattern to adjust the length specific for your table. 

As many of you know, I'm a lover of anything antique and vintage.  Hubby has a vintage glass oil bottle and it is the perfect dispenser for M & M's!   I wish our guests would have ate more because now they are temptation for me. 

The flowers for one table are styled in a 1/2 gallon blue canning jar and on the other table they are in a green depression glass pitcher.  

Since this table is rectangular, I like to use the rectangular runner on it.  This runner is from my Learn to Machine Bind Your Quilt DVD.  

I've added one of my reclaimed barn wood candlesticks from the Mark Twigg Studio and Gallery to finish the look. 

We have this random corner that doesn't have any furniture in it.  So I added a ladder with a few quilts draped over it.  This will be easy for me to update and change throughout the Fall.  I have Fall Fancy hanging on top and Autumn Bliss is hanging underneath it. 

I also have a healthy collection of vintage crocks ... some folks might call it more like hoarding or an addiction but I think collection is a good word!  I love to roll quilts and tuck them into crocks.  It makes the crocks seem a bit more useful! 

I didn't get the quilts changed from summer to fall in this crock - shh, don't tell anyone! 

On the couches, I added The Winterberry pillows.  Even though they are technically Christmas, they worked fine with the decor.  The free pattern for the pillows is still available  

And here is the other pillow.  And yes, I have a thing for Victorian style couches too :) 

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