Sunday, December 1, 2019

Please Meet Ruby - the latest member of the Masterpiece Quilting Team

I am pleased to introduce the latest member of the Masterpiece Quilting Team - Miss Ruby!

She is a spunky 13 week old Corgi puppy who joined our family 5 weeks ago. Yes, I'm late with the announcement - but who has time to blog when you are busy with all things puppiness!

Ruby's official responsibilities include:

  • Making sure that I take regular breaks from work (aka puppy potty breaks every hour), 
  • Making sure I keep everything neat and tidy in the studio (translated to - if it hits the floor it's in her mouth!) 
  • Helping with office details - after all filing boxes are the perfect height for chewing!

Ruby has two speeds - Let's Go and Sleep!  And she transitions quickly between the two.  It's fun to capture her in the unique places she likes to curl up.  The bottom shelf of any cabinet is always fair game for a nap. 

Ruby loves living life to it's fullness and definitely keeps me on my toes.  While the early snow a few weeks ago put a crimp in my schedule, she reminded me that it is just plain fun to play to in the snow. 

It's amazing how fast she is growing and how much she is learning everyday.  She "graduated" from puppy workshop last week and is already signed up to start obedience training next month. 

Ruby joins her two pup-sisters Zoey and Lilly.  Needless to say, as "senior" dogs, their world has been rocked!  No more time to lounge on quilts and read my patterns in magazines, they are busy keeping out of Ruby's way :)   

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