Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas 2020 - Is it too soon to start making plans?

I hope each and everyone of you are having a joyous Holiday season.  I know I laughed hard and ate way too much!  

For me it's a time of reflection and planning for next year and yes, I'm already planning for Christmas 2020!   As I was decorating this year, I realized I need more Christmas themed table runners, toppers and accent pillows.   So guess what is first on my design list for 2020!  

Here's a few photos of our house and how I used the table runners that I have now. 

This is the main dining table and it seats 14 people, so I need a really long table runner for it.  This is my Let's Gather Table Runner and it worked perfect.  

This is our second dining table, yes - we have a big family!  It seats 10 people easily.  I was struggling to find a runner that worked for this table.  This one is from my Learn to Machine Bind video class.  It wasn't quite long enough but it did the job and looks great with the rose and evergreen arrangement. 

This isn't the best photo but I have a quilt ladder in the corner and I draped a few of my traditional red and green quilts on it.  It's always a challenge to get quilts folded the same when displayed on a ladder so you can still see the pattern.  

I'm loving the vintage love seat with a quilt draped over one arm and a matching pillow on the other side.  The pillow is a bit over sized so I think I need to design something a bit smaller. 

Speaking of smaller pillows, this one worked perfect in the chair.  While French Provincial isn't my favorite furniture style, my hubby loved this set of matching chairs and I'm coming to love them too!  They are so comfortable to sit in. 

And finally, the buffet.  I struggled to find a table runner that worked well on the buffet and it just didn't happen.  Every one was too short, too long, too wide, too narrow or competed with everything I had displayed on top of the buffet. 

I started a garland and lights theme on top of the china cupboards and wanted to carry it over to the buffet - I love the garland and the lights - they are so beautiful at night when the lights are off.  So I just didn't use a runner - and that's okay too :) 

I hope you were able to use some of your quilts in your decor this year too!  

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