Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Texas Trip .... Quilting, Decor and Design

I'm back home from my 7 day, 6 night road trip to Texas!  It was an absolutely amazing time .... I experienced incredible quilts and all things quilty, was inspired by beautiful farmhouse decor and increased my knowledge of surface pattern design.  

Those who know me well, know that I am the Queen of Road Trips ... it's been a while since my last multi-state excursion, but I was game for an 18-hour to drive to Texas! 

My first stop was Houston for the fall edition of the International Quilt Market.  This is a wholesale market where fabric companies, suppliers and distributors release their latest to quilt shop owners and buyers.   

This year I had two quilts on display at Quilt Market for two different fabric companies.

In the Island Batik booth, I used their new Oh Deer collection and my Fractured quilt pattern to make this beautiful quilt which is perfect for any deer enthusiast. 

In the Windham Fabrics booth, I used Felice Regina's new Night Song collection to make this super fun quilt.  I love this collection - it has all my favorite things - fussy cutting and stripes! 

At Market, many of the fabric designers are there promoting their new lines.   While I love many fabric designers, there is one who rises to the top in my admiration and respect.  His bold use of color is unparalleled.   If possible, I always try to get a photo with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably of the Kaffe Fassett Collective. 

Each fabric company outdoes itself with their booth decor.  I love these fabric covered balloons that adored the RJR booth. 

As part of the Quilt Market, there is a quilt exhibition which is beyond stunning.  While I didn't have enough time to see all the quilts, I wanted to make sure to take in Cathy Wiggin's display of quilting leather saddles.   Yes, you read that right ... quilted leather!  

The details are beyond amazing.  

Next up - Bonnie Christine's Immersion Retreat at Round Top, TX.  As soon as I heard the location, I was ready for this retreat.  And yes, I had to take the obligatory selfie with the town sign!  

For those who aren't familiar, Round Top is home to two large Antique Week events each year and is home to the Junk Gypsy's of HGTV fame.   So of course, I had to drive around until I found their store.  Unfortunately, it was closed - so I will have to save my shopping for another trip! But I did stop and photograph Large Marge, the Suburban, and the chandy hanging from the tree! 

The retreat was open to those of us to participated in the Immersion Surface Pattern Design class earlier this year.  And just to keep everyone in the loop ....  yes, I am considering designing fabric.  Please note "considering" is the key word in the sentence.  I'm not sure if my name belongs on selvage  ....  but I am sure that I don't know enough to make an informed decision.  So I'm learning, sketching and growing creatively in the meanwhile.   Anyway - back to the retreat! 

The retreat was held at The Prairie at Round Top which was absolutely magically.  Retreats are designed to renew the soul and this location did exactly that!

Nothing is more beautiful than a sunset! 

The view at night was so amazing!

I stayed at The Vintage Round Top  and I was so bummed that I had to leave!  I loved the farm house / industrial decor.  This photo captures two of my favorite things - ironstone china and reclaimed barn wood! 

Okay, so how often when you are on a trip do you take a photo of your bed and start texting it to people?  I've never slept with fur and canvas before but there is always a first for everything!

And I had to bring a bit of Round Top home with me - a peach pie from Royer's Pie Heaven at Royer's Round Top Cafe

And yes, it was a good as it looks! 

Well, this blog post turned out rather long ... but I just had to share my trip with y'all!   Congratulations if you made it to this point! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed following along on IG too! Please do keep us posted about your fabric designing journey! I'm so intrigued by the whole behind-the-scenes process!