Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Border Quilt - Quilt Along by Patterns by Jen

I'm excited to be one of the bloggers participating in Patterns by Jen's (PBJ's) Quilt Along for her The Border Quilt pattern.

If we haven't met before, I'm Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting.  You can learn more about me on the About Me page on my blog. 

Today I just wanted to take some time to introduce everyone to the Quilt Along.  You can learn more about it by checking out Jen's introductory post

While we aren't officially starting until September 12th, I'm trying to get a head start and I'm already stuck at the fabric selection stage!  

I am using a pre-printed panel for the center section and I can't decide which one to use.  Actually, I did narrow it down to just these 2!  I figure, since you will be reading / looking at my quilt for the next few months, you can tell me which one you would rather look at :) 

Here are the two panels:  On the left, is the more whimsical option - Well Said by Sandy Gervais for Moda - and on the right, is a Christmas themed panel - Once Upon A Memory by Holly Taylor for Moda.  

I have both of them folded and pinned to my design wall in approximately the same size they will be cut to piece into the quilt.   I will be pulling stash fabrics (of which I have PLENTY !) to coordinate with either panel. 

So let's get the voting started - leave a comment on which one you think I should use.  

And in the meanwhile,  go ahead and get a copy of the pattern (Jen's post has all the purchasing details) so you can figure out your fabrics. 

On the fence about whether you want to participate?  Here's a few things I really like about this pattern.  
#1 - It's a fun quilt and we all like fun!
#2 - You can tailor it to any size your want. If you get tired of making borders, then stop - It will still look great. 
#3 - It has flexibility.  The pattern works for flannels, cottons or batiks! 

I really hope you join us !  It's gonna be a fun time.  

Ps - Don't forget to vote on which panel I should use. 

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