Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Perky Pig Quilt Block - Quilt Block Mania

The theme for this month's Quilt Block Mania is Pets and why not a pet pig!  

Growing up on a livestock farm, I was the kid who tried to make a pet out of all the animals.  It worked well except for one bull who had anti-social issues but that's a different story for a different day :)  

I'd love to introduce you to Perky Pig! 

He's fun, he's happy and he is completely made using raw-edge fusible applique techniques.  

One of my goals as a quilt pattern designer is to increase my skills using raw-edge fusible applique to design more complex patterns.  This was a great start.  

The pattern for my Perky Pig Block is available for free using the link below. 

I'd love to see the version you make.  Be sure to share on social media using #perkypigblock and #masterpiecequilting 

An entire group of designers have been working with this same theme and here is a sampling of the blocks they have made!  Aren't they gorgeous? 

Below are the links to each of the blocks.  

Did you know there is a Quilt Block Mania facebook group where you can share your finished block and see the blocks other quilters have made?  It's a great community and I invite you to join.  Here's the direct link. 

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  1. this is so adorable. thanks for sharing. growing up on the farm I rescued a newborn runt piglet. Squeak lived freely on the farm. We were his people and he felt like a king. He grew to be a five hundred pound boar and gave many wonderful litters.

  2. Pigs do have a unique personality. Thanks for sharing.