Friday, January 8, 2021

The Blue & White Quilts of Winter

Believe it or not, but winter quilts are my favorites.  I simply love blue and white quilts.  In fact, when I'm designing I normally use blue and white for the colors and then switch out the colors once I have the design finalized.  

After all the warmth of traditional red, green and gold of the holidays it's nice to switch to a cooler palette.  And if you are someone who decorates with blue, white and silver then winter quilts can be a perfect alternative.  Plus they can stay out so much longer to enjoy. 

Here are a few of my favorite winter quilts. 

Starry Sky - this has always been on of my favorite quilts.  Stunning batiks really make this throw-sized quilt that depicts the night sky with elegant star blocks nested inside a criss-crossing chain that extends into the border.  

The Starry Sky pattern is available as both print and pdf versions for your convenience. 

And if you prefer a white background instead of dark, check out this version of Starry Sky made with light, medium and dark aquas.  

Fractured is reminiscent of broken glass with the sharp fractured edges of the block refracting around the setting squares to create multiple secondary patterns.  Partial blocks create the pieced border and extend the design across the quilt. 

The Fractured pattern is also available as both print and pdf digital download versions for your convenience. 

Luck of the Irish truly epitomizes when less is more.  This blue and white version of a single Irish chain is a quilters dream with big wide borders for lots and lots of feathers.  

The Luck of the Irish pattern is available at this time as only a pdf digital download.  (Print options coming soon!)  

Here's a close-up of the quilting. 

And if you are wondering why the cover photo isn't the best .... this happens every time I try to take a new photo :) 

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