Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Charmingly Mod in Annie's Time-Saving Charm Quilts

I love getting quilts back from the publisher!  That means it is finally time for me to share the design with you!  

If you aren't familiar with the publishing process, I create a design submission many months in advance and if I'm lucky, it is accepted by the editor, then I make the quilt and send it off to the publisher. There is gets styled and photographed, the final version of the pattern is edited and the book published.  About the same time the book is released, I get the quilt back to share it with you! 

The quilt that I'm excited to share with you today is Charmingly Mod in Annie's Time-Saving Charm Quilts book.  This design features an applique technique instead of piecing inset seams which is much faster and easier.  Starting with precut 5" squares, this quilt is a dream to make! 

Another exciting part of this quilt is that the fabrics I used are from the Bloom Collection by Tracy Wirth Designs for Paint Brush Studio.  Tracy and I are good friends and I absolutely love her fabrics!  You can check out more of her work at Tracy Wirth Designs or on IG @tracey_wirth_designs

Also used to make this quilt were Soft & Bright batting and Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 from The Warm Company.  I'm always thankful for their generous support of my business. 

Annie's Time-Saving Charm Quilts book is available now for purchase and as a bonus, I have another quilt in it too!  

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