Monday, August 5, 2019

It's August ... my least favorite month of the year

It's August ....  and I say that with a sigh.  I don't know if everyone picks favorite and least favorite months of the year, but August is probably my least favorite month of the year.  

It's an awkward month.  Summer is ending. School is starting.  August reminds me of all the things that I didn't get accomplished so far this year.  Fall is almost here, which means winter is just around the corner, but it's still hot outside.  I'm wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts while pondering my Fall decor and thinking about new recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner and the days are getting shorter. Ugg... August...   

Does anyone else feel this way?  Or is it only me? 

As a quilt designer, my life doesn't know seasons anymore.  I can be found working on Christmas Quilts in March, stitching Spring florals in August and if I get a stellar idea for a Fall quilt, it has to wait til next year.  

A lot of my friends are Fall people .. they can't wait for hoodies and bonfires and Halloween decor.  If you are among that group, then keep reading, I've got a few of my fall favorites to share with you. 

Each of these projects are available through Annie's Creative Studio, so not only do you get the pattern but you also get me on video taking you step-by-step through making it.  What could be better than that?  

For your table, I recommend the Harvest Table Runner.  If learning curved piecing is on your to-do list, then table runner is the perfect place to start.  

I just finished the binding on this smaller version that I made while taping the class.  I was impressed with how well the fabrics complimented my UHL pottery.  If you have watched many of my classes, you know it's all about the antiques! 

For those back-to-school mornings with actual sit-at-the-table breakfasts, the Punkin Time Placemats will help brighten your day and the Coasters are perfect for afterschool snacking!  The padded applique adds the perfect 3-dimensional embellishment and is actually easy to make!

For your wall, who can't help but love the Happy Howling Wall Hanging featuring this adorable kitty.  Well, of course, my pooch isn't loving it but I know your family and friends will!   The yo-yo's really add an upscale finish to the edge! 

If you are looking for a fall quiltalong, then the Star Bound Sampler is perfect for you.  Broken down into a block a lesson with the 13th episode covering the assembly, this quilt will grow your skills as well as beautifully decorate your home. 

Hopefully, you don't have the August blues like I do, but just writing this post makes me feel better.  Sometimes we just need to share what we are feeling. I wish you a beautiful quilting day! 

This post does contain affiliate links which helps support my business.  Thank you for using them. 

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  1. Lovely projects shown. And I love the Christmas book and designs. School starting even before August and the State Fair makes me a bit crazy...August becomes that in-between space. The summer weather patterns and life event schedules seem incompatible. And I am clinging to summer not ready to contemplate Fall and its activities. My inner thermostat is thrown out of calibration.....