Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Progressive Steps to Photographing a Quilt & a Dog

In honor of today being the 4th anniversary of Miss Lilly coming to live with us, I thought I would share some recent photos I took as I was attempting to get a photo of Lilly with a quilt top. 
When we first adopted Lilly, she was completely scared of the camera and would cower down with her ears tight against her head. In just the last 6 months, she has actually started posing a little for the camera ... so I'm really proud of her.  When you rescue a dog, or any animal, you never know what their past experiences have been. 

So here is the unedited progression of photos along with my captions.  Enjoy!

Photo 1:  Let's walk across the quilt laying on the floor and sniff your shoe. After all you have a camera and I'm ignoring that fact.

Photo 2: Oh, let's turn around and sniff the quilt.  Maybe if it smells good, I will fluff it with my paws and lay on it.  I'm sure you would like that after you spent all that time getting smooth on the floor. 

Photo 3: Here's another spot that smells good.  Gotta keep my nose to the ground.  Sniff, sniff, I need to sniff more.  These batiks smell good.  

Photo 4:  Ya, I know you've been calling my name - I heard ya the first time.  Oh you wanted me to look up at the camera.  Okay, I get it. 

Photo 5:  Sure you want to see my face. I will make this easy for you... I'll just stand on my hind legs and jump up on you ... that get's my face close to the camera. 

Photo 6:  Oh, I see ... you wanted me to sit on the quilt.  Why didn't you say so in the first place?  We could have saved a lot of time. Here ya go!  I'm sitting now. 

So every time you see a photo with a perfectly posed pet, be assured a lot of photos were taken as well as patience exercised (and sometimes exhausted) just to get that one amazing photo!

Fabric Credit:  Island Batik
Design: Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilt


  1. I do the same thing with little Sadie, it takes forever to get that one great photo!

  2. Haha 😂. My cats are far less obedient. If I don’t have my camera ready when they decide to lay on things and look at me i’m SOL. It is usually when I’m in the middle of something too.

  3. So funny! The captions were hysterical, too. My chocolate lab, Hazel, is occasionally asked to pose. My trick is to hold her ball up, because that's what she wants. Me to throw the ball. If I hold it, she waits. If I forget the ball, no chance, lol.

  4. Love it, Thanks for sharing! Miss Lilly is adorable. Sounds like she was a rescue! Good for you.