Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Try A Technique - March Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

Our challenge this month as Island Batik Ambassadors was to try something new - a sewing or quilting technique that we had not done before. 

Well, that took some thinking!  As ambassadors, we brainstormed a really long list but I had already done a lot of them.  So I decided to try a technique that was on my bucket list.  A Convergence Quilt using Ricky Tims method. After all, I had bought the book 6 years ago, so it was about time I tried it :) 

I selected four fabrics that I received from Island Batik as part of their Brand Ambassador program.   I cut 14" squares and arranged them in a four-patch layout.  

Next the fun began ....  Following the instructions in the book, I sewed, slice, rearranged and resewed ... and ended up with this.

Then I repeated the process - slicing, rearranging and re-sewing - and presto, my convergence was complete!

I was tempted to leave it as is but I decided it needed borders.  So using the gallery of quilts in the book as inspiration, I opted for a pieced outer border with a narrow strip of orange for my inner border.  Since the fabrics were bold, I quilted a basic allover meander that would hold everything together without detracting from the fabrics.  Since it will be a wall hanging, I used Warm 80/20 batting from The Warm Company to keep it nice and flat. 

I finished off the quilt with an orange binding that matched the inner border.  So I can now say I have made a convergence quilt!  I can cross it off my bucket list - which makes room for more quilting projects :)   

And, of course, Miss Lilly had to put her "paw of approval" on the quilt top while I was trying to photograph it.  

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  1. Fair Warning: It's easy to get hooked on those convergence quilts.

  2. Well done! This is another technique on my to do list. I love the borders! They are a perfect addition.

  3. Gorgeous. The borders really complete it.

  4. I really like the colours you chose...and I think Lily does, too! :)

  5. Your quilt is amazing! This is a technique I would like to try myself.

  6. Different technique, like the boarders.

  7. You did a really good job choosing fabrics for your convergence quilt. Yours has turned out really special!

  8. Very interesting. I have my new technique if there is such a challenge next year and if I am still part of the group. Very nice quilt