Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paying it Forward to our Furry Friends

Paying it Forward to our Furry Friends

My furry friends have always been part of my life - the majority of my baby pictures have a dog or cat in them as well as me! So when I read this month's Island Batik Brand Ambassador challenge, I was eagerly excited to pay it forward for some furry friends.
As part of the Piece for Shelter Pets Initiative, Island Batik as well as The Quilt Pattern Magazine, Aurifil Threads, QuiltyBox, Benartex and Hancock's of Paducah joined forces to assist animal shelters and rescue groups across North America. One project included creating kennel quilts to help our animal friends in times of need, such as when disasters strike and pets are separated from their humans.
Since I have owned several rescue dogs in the past and currently have one, Miss Lilly, I knew I wanted to make several quilts.  I ended up making a total of 6!
The center two quilts are made using Island Batik fabrics and the remaining are made from orphan blocks from another project.  What a great way to utilize orphan blocks! 

And finally, the quilts must have a Paw of Approval before being shipped to Bark N Roll, a shelter currently in need in Louisiana.   Zoey, our solid black Cockapoo, was quick to test out the quilts and determined they are perfect for sitting!  Miss Lilly, our tri-colored Corgi-Chihuahua mix, is a bit camera shy but she finally joined in the fun and decided to pose for a photo too. :)


I hope these quilts provide comfort to the furry friends who need them.

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