Monday, December 19, 2016

Preschool Primer

Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Indiana!

I wanted to share with you the latest quilt I have received back from the publisher, Preschool Primer.
The quilt is part of More Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids published by Annie's Quilting.

It's always a fun time when quilts come back from the publisher.  Typically it's been over 6 months since I've seen the quilt and while I was making it, I didn't have much time to enjoy it since it was due by a specific deadline.  It's always neat to see how the photo stylists have arranged the quilt for photography in the book. 
This quilt was designed as a teaching tool for tots to learn their colors and shapes.  The quilt features 6 different colors - red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple - and 6 different shapes - triangle, square, rectangle, circle, heart and star.  Some of the shapes are pieced and others are appliqued.  Since it is designed as a functional quilt, I chose to use raw edge fusible applique with a machine buttonhole stitch.  The binding is a scrappy mix of the colors in the quilt and it is quilted with a simple meander edge to edge.  Many times the deadlines are tight enough that edge to edge quilting is all I have time to complete. 
As a designer, sometimes I'm my own harshest critic.  If I were to change one thing when I was making this quilt - I would use a fabric other than white for the background so it doesn't show dirt as easily.  I love the contrast and the crispness of the white fabric but it's not super functional if the quilt is going to be used a lot. To give you an idea of what a different background would look like, here is a reimaged version of the quilt using a blue-gray tonal as the background. 
So if you have a little one or need a quick quilt as a gift, consider making Preschool Primer.  If you do, be sure to share a picture on the Quilter's World facebook page or on my Masterpiece Quilting facebook page.

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