Saturday, November 24, 2018

Stepping Out - Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

For November, the Island Batik Brand Ambassadors are getting "cozy" while making and creating using the challenge theme of Log Cabin blocks.  Instead of the traditional layout I opted to use the Courthouse Steps variation of the Log Cabin block.  

As I was trying to decide where to photograph the quilt this afternoon (read further down for more on the photography challenges!), I thought it might be fun to use reclaimed barn beams for the backdrop.  After all, it's a log cabin block - why not photograph it with beams that could be used to build a log cabin?

Since this is my second year as a brand ambassador, my tote of Island Batik fabrics was getting pretty full so I went totally scrappy for this project.  Normally my quilts are fully planned - with each color in it's specific spot; so going scrappy was a leap of faith for me!  But I love how bright the quilt turned out even if there are a few of the same fabrics touching each other :) 

Each block started with a 2" center square and then 1-1/2" logs were added to opposite sides until the blocks measured 11-1/2" x 11-1/2".  I made a total of 25 blocks which let me stitch them together in a standard 5 x 5 block layout. 

For this quilt, I used a batting that I haven't used before - Hobbs Tuscany Collection's Cotton Wool Blend.  Hobbs graciously provided batting to each of the brand ambassadors to use in their projects. It quilted beautifully.  I really like the way I could maneuver the batt in the longarm while quilting without it stretching out of shape.  I will have a separate blog post reviewing the batting, so watch for it.  

So more about the photography challenges ....  It's November in Indiana which means everything is dreary, as in dreary gray.  I've got a couple go-to places where I like to take quilt photos but we were starting to run out of daylight, so I needed to stay close.  At the edge of town, there is a really cool wood fence that works great for photos, so we headed there.  

I have learned one thing about taking photos of quilts.  There can be NO WIND for days, but as soon as you get a quilt styled the wind picks up.  It never fails.  So here is what the quilt looks like blowing in the breeze! 

I only got about 5 or 6 photos before the wind blew it off the fence, so that's when we opted for Game Plan B and headed to the lumber yard for the rest of the photos.  

Normally, I try to have a pattern ready with each challenge quilt but I don't have one yet for Stepping Out.  Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a pattern.  

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  1. I love how bright and fun it is...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. (and yes, I agree about the wind. I think it says "Oooh pretty quilt, let me take it away!")