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Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Nancy Scott and I own Masterpiece Quilting LLC.

I’m an author, designer and teacher who loves being crafty. 

Growing up in a family of “makers”, I’m a proud DIY / MIY enthusiast. My current favorites include sewing & quilting, refinishing antiques, chalk-painting and photography. In 2006, I changed careers from the academia / corporate world and started my business Masterpiece Quilting LLC where I was a sales representative and certified trainer for Gammill / Statler.  My business evolved to specialize in long-arm quilting, show quilts and custom-made memory quilts.  

In 2012, I submitted my first design to a magazine for publication.  It was accepted and my calling was found that day!  Since then I have sold over 50 designs to publications and fabric companies. I’ve established myself as a leading author and instructor for creating with sentimental textiles with my top-selling book “T-shirts, Memories & More” along with DVD’s on T-shirt quilting and Restyling Vintage Quilts. 

Right now I'm working on another book and launching my own line of quilting patterns.

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